Amorini NZ is a proudly New Zealand owned and operated company sourcing superior quality materials from international specialist manufacturers. We combine 21st century designs, materials and systems with old-fashioned craftmanship.


Our Story

Although a young company in New Zealand, Amorini is based on more than 100 years of industry experience. Our relationship with companies in Australia and the UK allows us to source high quality materials at globally economical scales, giving our clients the edge when it comes to price, quality and product delivery.


Our People

Amorini is staffed by a tight-knit team of expert craftsmen and technicians who ensure that our processes are swift, efficient and cost-effective for our clients, and that our product quality exceeds anything else available.


Our Group

We have sister companies in the U.K. and Australia. Together we are able to combine our wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry to offer superior quality materials.